About Us

Howling Puppy is a company that aims to help make your life with your best friend richer as well as helping the fur babies of the world.

The heart and soul of Howling Puppy is our global community: the rescues who find and bring in the pups in need, the organizations that provide food and shelter, and the Howling Puppy employees who maintain and nurture our goals.


How we help the pups

  • We provide consistent cash flow for organizations.
  • We help shelters renovate to make their location feel more like a home for the pups that stay there until the forever home comes along.
  • When organizations need manpower we help to provide that extra help.
  • When a dogs human has trouble with medical bills we are there to help.


Shop and help a pup

  • Discover a great toy for your pup, find that perfect treat that your best friend will go nuts for, fill there belly's at dinner time with great food options.


Join a global community

  • Shop at Howling Puppy for your best friend and help support multiple causes at once.
  • like us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay connected you will learn tips and tricks to make your life richer with your best friend, have access to message us with any questions.